“Small acts of kindness,
when multiplied by millions of people,
can transform the world.”

What is an Awesome Card?

It is both a gift and a tool for personal and cultural transformation.

The purpose of the Awesome Card is to encourage a culture of kindness and create an opening for ONE BIG HUG with a stranger.

The card is a small physical expression of heartfelt appreciation for a kind act. What better way to recognize someone than handing them a card that says “thank you for being an awesome human being”?

Just as with a shared hug, the card is equally gratifying and beneficial for both people. When you gift an Awesome Card to a stranger, for a true act of kindness, you will make their day, and you will also feel awesome. Real magic happens in this exchange.

This means that in order to fully experience the card’s true power, the receiver must, at some point, recognize the kindness of another, and gift the card forward. This card is not meant to hold on to. It is literally a gift that keeps on giving, creating a ripple of kindness. Imagine how many people can be positively affected by just one simple card.

Simply by keeping a couple Awesome Cards on you, and looking at them every now and then, will help to shift your own awareness to look out for kindness. By doing so, you will become an even kinder human (if you’re not already).

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