As Seeds, you are “the ones” that will help heal this planet. You are out in the
world spreading hugs to strangers, gifting Awesome Cards— breaking down
barriers, reducing fear and hostility, cracking opening up hearts, and encouraging
a culture of kindness, ONE BIG HUG at a time. Receive points redeemable for
Awesome Cards and other items.
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Donations are the life blood of this mission. 100% of all proceeds from donations
go to spreading the hug and transforming the world.

Like direct donations, 100% of all the proceeds from Awesome Cards and t-shirt
sales go to spreading the hug and transforming the world. Awesome Cards are goods
that do good.
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Photographing each hug is a critical part of this mission. We take photos of each
embrace to document and preserve the beautiful moment, to show the world what
is possible. Some of your photos may be seen by hundreds or thousands of people.
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Helping hands are what keep the wheels in motion. We need your help with photo
editing, design, coding/development, product fulfillment, customer support and
other operational tasks.
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If you like what we are up to, please show your support by liking our FB page and
mentioning in social media. The more support that we have, the bigger the impact
we will make in transforming this world together.

The world needs us to share this message now more than ever–a message of love,
kindness, tolerance and the general goodness within human beings.
Share the photos that speak to you.
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If we all did this, most of the problems in this world would disappear and there
would be no need for Spread the Hug. That would be okay.
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