Be a Seed of Hope, a Seed of Inspiration,
and a Seed of Transformation.

Requirements to Be a Seed

There is no enrollment process. Just stand up, step forward and follow the simple requirements below. When you are ready to submit photos, provide some basic contact info. That’s it!

Click on each requirement to expand and provide more detail:

Embrace the values of Spread the Hug, which include respect, kindness and honesty.

Respect, kindness and honesty toward fellow humans is the most important message we are sharing with Spread the Hug. These are our core values and they are more important than hugging. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Be open, willing and have the courage to give ONE BIG HUG to any human being.

Have the openness, willingness and courage to give ONE BIG HUG to any human being as long as they meet your minimum hygiene standards, they don’t present a perceived safety threat, and you don’t have a personal conflict with them. However, if you can hug and forgive your enemy, magic will happen for you. You don’t need to love all people–that is not a requirement. But, becoming a Seed will begin to change that.

Hold a sign that says “Need Hugs” or "Free Hugs", and ASK for hugs.

We are all about spreading the hug in every way possible but we recommend that you hold a “Need Hugs” sign as we feel this approach is more impactful.

If it feels more comfortable to offer free hugs, then hold a “Free Hugs” sign. But once you get comfortable with free hugs, it is recommended that you give the other method a try.

I would like to acknowledge Ken Nwadike at the Free Hugs Project. He has courageously helped pave the way with his free hugs and amazing videos to make it more socially and culturally acceptable for all of us to hug in public. On many occasions, he has offered free hugs in the midst of very hostile and volatile situations.

I would also like to honor Juan Mann, the pseudonym for the incredibly awesome human being that was the grandfather of this movement.

We love all the free huggers out in the world. They are making the world a better place and deserve many Awesome Cards!

Photograph each hug and upload to us.

Becoming a Seed requires two people. Get a friend or someone you know to photograph each hug. Photo’ing each hug is a very important part of our mission. We want to show the world what is possible. We want the world to see what you see. Also, when you share a hug, you can’t see the other person’s face. Once you look at a photo and see the facial expressions of the people you hug, it will crack open your heart even more.

We will share your photos in the photo galleries and the best photos may be highlighted throughout our site and shared on social media platforms.

Submit each hug photo that you take through our Dropbox upload link. You receive points for all of the eligible photos that you take, which are redeemable for more Awesome Cards.  

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Highly recommended but optional: Gift an Awesome Card to each person that gives you a hug.

Seed Benefits