Important things to know—safety, respect, etc

If someone does not want to give a hug, please respect their wishes
and do not insist. Remain stationary when asking, and let them come
up to you. Do not step forward and approach people.

There are many reasons why someone may not want to hug:
not in the mood, concerned about germs, past physical/sexual
trauma, doesn’t like hugging random strangers, or just not a
hugger in general. We care more about respect than we care
about hugging.

If someone requests that you not photo or film them, please respect
their wishes. Most people are cool with being photo’d, but a very
small percentage may object. Offer to hug them with the camera
turned off. We care more about the hug than we care about
the photo or video.

Have the photo or video person in plain sight so that they may be
visible to the subjects. It is not kind to film/photo or record people
when the camera is hiding. It is dishonest and it’s not our way.
People are generally more at ease when the person photo’ing
is in plain view.

If someone objects to the photo or video after it has been taken,
please do not share it, and delete it on the spot if practical to do so.

Your personal safety is paramount. Please only ask for hugs in areas
that feel safe to you. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times.
And again, do not insist on hugging someone that denied your initial
request, and do not step forward toward people. As long as you are
polite and respectful of peoples’ wishes, the likelihood of any
negative incidents happening is very low.

Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Respect, kindness and
honesty toward fellow humans is the most important thing we
are trying to accomplish with Spread the Hug. Make an effort to
leave everyone that you encounter better than before you
interacted with them, whether you hug them or not.